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Version 1.61

FireFighter is a unique scripture reader, complete with concordance and full bookmarking capabilites, for volumes sacred to 70% of the world's population.

FireFighter Screenshot:

FireFighter Lets You Create Cross-References Between Volumes

More Screenshots - Browse the FireFighter Help File

The Standard version of FireFighter includes:


      • The Holy Bible - King James Version
      • The Holy Qur'an - Yusef Ali Translation
      • The Lotus Sutra - Burton Watson Translation


      • King James Archaic Words Dictionary
      • Dictionary of Translated Bible Names
      • Glossary to the Lotus Sutra
      • Unique Scriptures, including:
        • The Gospel of Thomas
        • The Book of Tobit
        • The Book of Wisdom
        • The Sutra on the Unlimited Life of the Threefold Body
      • The Advance of Reason, including:
        • LEVIATHAN by Thomas Hobbes
        • Selected Writings of Thomas Jefferson, with the 'Jefferson Bible'
        • The Kingdom of God is Within You by Leo Tolstoy
        • My God by Mohatma Gandhi
        • Selected Speeches of Martin Luther King

      FireFighter Features:

      • Full Library Concordance to all available Volumes
      • Powerful Library Search and QuickFind capability
      • Cross-Reference capability between and within Volumes
      • Text and Verse Highlight capability
      • Extensive Bookmark capability with Bookmark Manager
      • Set up to 24 Place Markers for each Volume or Resource
      • Context Menu driven
      • Easy-to-use Tabbed Interface
      • History Feature remembers last pages read
      • More...

Installation Instructions: Click the download link below. From the browser window that will appear, choose to "Save" the file. We recommend you save it to your Windows desktop so it is easy to find. After the download is complete, double-click on the "FFSETUP.EXE" icon that is now on your desktop. Follow the InstallShield prompts to complete installation.

Please Email if you have problems or bug reports.

Program Requirements: FireFighter requires Microsoft Internet Explorer on your computer. We recommend FireFighter be used under the Windows XP or Windows 2000 operating systems. The program requires about 50 MB of disc space.

Additional Scripture Versions available to add to FireFighter (When installing, be sure to select the same install folder that you selected for FireFighter):

If you wish, you can download all three translations mentioned above with the program in one file. The file name is "FFSETUPALL.EXE".


FireFighter May Be Distributed Freely

More Screenshots:

FireFighter uses a Context Menu Driven, Tabbed Interface


FireFighter feartures clickable words to easily access the Concordance


Multiple Dictionaries and Reference Tools are included

Browse the FireFighter Help File

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